Settings Schema

The entities in the settings schema store the settings used for running analyses. See Table 1 for their descriptions. For the full specification of fields, data types, and values, see the Results & Settings Schema tab of the RDOS schema specification RDOS_Schema.xlsx.

Table 1: RDOS Settings Entities




Stores the settings for a given model profile Id. Model profiles are used to run a single type of analysis on a portfolio. Settings include analysis type (EP, footprint, hazard), software version, region code, peril code, analysis currency, loss table type (ELT, PLT). It also identifies the date the model profile was created and who created it.


Stores the settings for a given risk analysis profile Id. Risk analysis profiles combine multiple model profiles. Settings include peril code, region code, model profile Id, and simulation set Id.


Stores the individual settings and their value that have been defined for a model profile, such as a setting to indicate whether or not post-loss amplification is included in the profile.

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